Server Guidelines:

  1. Open Market: Trading will be permitted after the initial week of the Grand Opening.

  1. Spreading Rumors: Any dissemination of false information or rumors about the server or management will result in a 3-day ban.

  1. Account Information: Do not share your account details with anyone. The server is not liable for any consequences that may arise.

  1. Advertising Other Servers: Promoting other servers is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

  1. Insults to Game Team or Server: Any insults directed towards the game team or the server, whether on Discord or in-game, will result in a mute.

  1. Discrimination and Hate Speech: Insults related to religion or racism, either in Discord or global chat, will result in mutes ranging from 1 day to permanent, depending on severity.

  1. Adult Content: Sharing +18 content in Discord is not allowed and will result in a mute.

  1. Supporter vs. Middleman: Supporters are not middlemen. Only authorized middlemen in Discord are permitted to assist with such transactions. Trust only authorized individuals.

  1. Botting or AFK: Botting or being AFK at Arabian Unique spots is not allowed and will be met with bans ranging from 1 day to permanent.

Note: In situations where circumstances become uncontrollable, the management reserves the right to take additional measures deemed best for all parties involved. Regulations and Restrictions for the Open Market: You can't sell (Gold or Items) for real money. You can sell silks with limits of (1000 silk for 8USD - 350LE - 200TL) Violation of these Restrictions will result in a permanent ban. Refund Policy All donations or coin purchases are voluntary and not required to play the game. All sales are final and Non-Refundable once the purchase is made. By purchasing virtual currency on our website and third party billing providers or resellers, you agree to this policy